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Costa Rica Businesses for Sale

Check out this property which has three turnkey businesses, a home, an apartment, a private lake with fishing, swimming and canoeing, on about 5 1/2 acres. Book an in-person tour of this property

De Ruta 142 2 Km West of Rio Dos Bocas

Nuevo Arenal, GTE, Costa Rica


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  • Businesses for Sale

     It has three businesses, the Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast, which puts it as one of the prime hotels for sale in Costa Rica,

    The Restaurante Caballo Negro, which is known throughout the country as one of the “go-to” restaurants, as well as popular with locals, both expats and Ticos.

    And lastly, the Lucky Bug Gallery is also well known for supplying many hotels and homes throughout Guanacaste with decorations, art objects, paintings, lamps, sconces, and numerous other items that are unique and are all created by Costa Rican artists, as well as products from the owner and her daughters.

    The Lucky Bug Bed and Breakfast is an award-winning B&B that has just entered into the Costa Rica Real Estate Market. This is one of the best businesses for sale in Costa Rica currently.  This property is one of the best turnkey businesses for someone who wants to come to paradise and have some income while doing that. As a hotel for sale in Costa Rica, this one comes with many advantages.

    Currently, TripAdvisor rates the B&B as a Traveler’s Choice B&B, which puts it in the top 1% of all B&Bs in the world, and is ranked #2 in all of Costa Rica, and #5 in all of Central America, which puts it as a premier Costa Rica property for sale.

    Total Price

  • $1,800,000 for the following:

  • About 5.5 Acres of beautiful property that is surrounded by rain forest

  • 4 BR Home on the property with a Patio looking out at the Private Lake

  • Large additional living quarters that can be used for a rental or more space for businesses

  • Three Turnkey successful businesses that are written up in not only English guidebooks, but also ones from foreign countries.

  • Other attributes will be discussed on the following pages

  • Property Measurements

    These properties are contiguous and are being sold together. This is being sold with three turnkey businesses that are established and well known throughout the Arenal area and a major stopping point for travelers, as well as locals. The property is along the main lake road, Route 142 on one side, and rainforest surrounding the rest of the property. The rainforest is owned by ICE, the local electric company and will not be built on, offering seclusion for many years to come.

    Approximate Measurements for Buildings on the Property are as follows:

    If Interested, please ask for more information. 

    Are you looking for both an income producing property, as well as a home that you can be in a Costa Rican Rain Forest? This is the place for you.

  • 4 Bed Room Home and Another Living Space that could be a rental.

  • 5 Rooms for the Bed and Breakfast

  • Restaurante Caballo Negro.

  • Lucky Bug Art Gallery

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